2007 Badges

Congratulations on becoming a finalist in the 2007 International Edublog Awards! Don’t forget to thank all your readers for their nominations, and display your finalist badge with pride.

Please also mail in a brief paragraph about your site, using the subject header EDUBLOG AWARDS FINALIST DETAILS. This will help other people find the kind of sites they’re interested in, and give us your direct contact details. Your paragraph should include the names of the primary site contact/s, the country or countries of your contributors, a on the main purpose of your site, and the age range or type of person your work focuses on. PLEASE remember that key stages and other similar designations (eg High School, Middle School) do not translate internationally – uses age ranges instead (eg 10 -16 year olds).

PLEASE also be succinct. You can get a lot in to a short paragraph – just think Twitter.

Here you can get all your 2007 badges:

Best wiki

Best use of audio

Best ed tech support

Best elearning

Best group blog

Best individual blog

Best librarian

best resource sharing

best teacher blog

Best virtual world

best post