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Not the edublog awards winners 2007

Stephen Downes posts an excellent round up of alternative winners that didn’t get nominated but should have, for 2007.

2007 Winners badges

Here you all go, wear ‘em with pride!!!

And the 2007 winners are…

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make the fourth International Edublog Awards such a great success! This was our first attempt at using a Second Life location – the beautiful Island of Jokaydia – and Jeff Lebow did an amazing… Continue Reading →

And the votes are all in!

The votes are in, all the polls have closed and there’s not a hanging chad in sight Looking forward to seeing you at the, um, ceremony.

Alternative Award locations

Not able/wanting to join the Edublog Award Ceremony on jokaydia Island on Second Life? Why not keep track of all the action atone of our delightful alternative locations? EdTech Talk supremo & long time awards partner Jeff Lebow will be… Continue Reading →

Some more info about Second Life

Jo Kay has sent some more information about the Second Life location: Getting Ready for the EduBlog Awards The gala Edublog Awards Ceremony will be held on the Island of jokaydia in Second Life @ on Saturday 8th at… Continue Reading →

Awards Party: dates, times, locations

We’ve fixed the awards party date: Saturday December 8 2007 @ 21.30GMT. For your local times please click through. We’re currently sorting out the hosting issues – the event will be taking place on the Island of jokaydia in Second… Continue Reading →

Now to make things a little more exciting…

So, with literally thousands of votes cast and many of the categories waaaay too close to call we’ve decided to add an element of surprise in for the second and final week of voting. The ongoing results can no longer… Continue Reading →

Institutional voting now not possible

Another day of people deleting cookies and voting hundreds (in one case thousands!) of times has led to us having to limit all polls to one vote per IP. Unfortunately this means that if you are on a network –… Continue Reading →

Love your teacher a bit too much?

Well it looks like having your votes deleted doesn’t deter the mass voters. Sigh. Consequently, until it stops we’re going to have to limit the categories it’s happening in to one vote per IP. Sorry, we just don’t have all… Continue Reading →

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