Best Educational Use of a Social Networking Service 2009

The winners of the Best Educational Use of a Social Networking Service 2009….

  1. Winner: English Companion Ning
  2. First Runner Up: EFL Classroom 2.0
  3. Second Runner Up: RSC Access and Inclusion Ning

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the results tally!

Blogs nominated in alphabetical order!

  1. Beth Still ISTE/ NECC Newbie Project
  2. Classroom 2.0
  3. Country Day School Ning
  4. Digiteen Ning
  5. Educator PLN ning
  6. EFL Classroom 2.0
  7. eLearning Professionals on Facebook
  8. Elementary Tech Teachers ning
  9. English Companion Ning
  10. Fireside Learning: Conversations about Education
  11. Independent School Educators Network
  12. LearnTrends Online Conference
  13. Mathematics24x7
  14. MSP2 Maths & Science Pathways Online Social Network
  15. OnlineProjects4Teachers
  16. Principles of Biology
  17. RSC Access and Inclusion Ning
  18. Saltashrainbow
  19. Second Classroom
  20. talk.ed
  21. Technology Integration in Education
  22. The Assistive Technology Ning

And the results!

Results of Best use of social networking 2009

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