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Best open PD / unConference / webinar series 2011

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  • This means, if your school uses one IP address, you’ll need to ask students and staff to vote from home, or only one vote will count :)

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  1. The full name of the organization is Earky Childhood Investigations Webinars. thanks!

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  4. Well Done Junita very proud of you and you work so hard

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  7. We’re delighted that BAM Radio is among the shortlisted nominees for Best use of audio/visual/podcast, but it’s suddenly missing from the alphabetical list of nominees!

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  10. Delighted that our pilot webinar series has been nominated, particularly for all the presenters and moderators involved. We’re thrilled to be amongst some fine company too. Good luck to all!

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  12. Even in the face of being named “Ignoramus of the Year,” I have to ask what does the PD in “Open PD” stand for? It is killing me :)


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