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Best teacher blog 2011

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  2. There seem to be two atelieristas – one is capitalized. Is that correct?

  3. well-organised and presentable.It is useful for both students and teachers.

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  5. Great help, and a great place to share ideas with fellow students!! It is organized and informative..

  6. Hey, I think you took my blog Atelierista down by mistake! Mine is called Atelierista and the web address is,
    and my pal Marla’s blog is Marla McLean, Atelierista, and her web address is I know, it’s confusing!
    anna golden

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  8. This is one amazing teacher and so willing to share her great ideas and experiences.

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  11. Where did the other Atelierista blog go? It doesn’t seem to be on this list.

  12. Hey, did you get my message from last night? I think when you fixed the Atelierista blogs, you kept the name of my blog and the address of Marla McLean Atelierista. We are both on this page;
    Can you add me back in? It’s such an honor to be nominated and I don’t want to miss my chance
    thanks, Anna Golden!

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