Most influential blog post 2011

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7 responses to “Most influential blog post 2011”

  1. I’m delighted to see Teacher Tom’s “Spoiled Brats” nominated in this category. When it was first posted it was shared over 2000 times on Facebook. I think it typifies how Tom manages to link early years education to wider societal and political issues. Please do read and enjoy his post! Oh and VOTE for him!

  2. I can’t imagine a more influential blog than Janet Lanbury’s “Secrets of Infant Learning”. If a parent learns to recognize an infant’s tremendous capabities, to treat a baby with respect, and raises the child through behavior that demonstrates this, that baby absorbs the message as a way of life. A respectful way of living toward oneself and others can be transmitted down thru generations. We might even see a better world.

  3. Janet Lansbury’s Most influential Post is a blog not to be missed. Her entries are an important part of the early childhood education field. Her genuine support for parenting concerns makes this blog stand out among the hundreds available.

  4. Janet’s sincerity and dedication is remarkable; her insights astute, honest and kind. Her desire to pass along the teachings of her mentor and to keep this opportunity alive for anyone interested or searching for a “way” to respectfully and lovingly guide their children upward and onward in their lives, while honoring their unique individuality and helping them build self confidence, is a joy to witness. I hope she receives this recognition, this award, because her devotion to passing forward these remarkable teachings will truly help the future of humanity because children being born now, their ability to accomplish great things with compassion, intelligence and dignity, will have a chance to be all that they can be, for the good of themselves and therefore for the good of all, as a result of Janet’s profound teachings.

  5. Dear Burcu, being the mom of two of your students, I know at least a ton of reasons why “you can’t be a bad teacher” 😉 Your outstanding commitment to always seeking new and better ways to teach ESL is remarkable. I admire the way you tackle the challenges that come along and yet always stay focused and determined to push others to be the best they can be at ESL. It’s great to have your charm and positive energy around us 🙂 All the best and GOOD LUCK with your nomination!

  6. Linda Yolis’ “how to comment” entry is a foundational and essential entry because it takes students not only from being producers but being able to read and interact with other people’s posts. Teachers from all over the world use Linda’s guidelines to help students of all ages think critically in order to thoughtfully comment on blog posts. Her leadership and ability to break down information into comprehensible chunks makes her a mentor to many and has taken the mystery out of blogging –the first steps in encouraging blogging in the classroom. I greatly admire Linda for providing open content such as this to spread her enthusiasm about educational blogging!