The Edublog Awards

December 13, 2012
by Sue Waters
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And the 2012 Edublog Award winners are….

Huge thanks to everyone who helped make the 9th International Edublog Awards such a great success!

And many thanks to everyone who nominated, voted and participated in the Awards this year.

Through everyone’s hard work, we’ve pulled together great lists of new blogs / sites, cool ideas and resources that are helpful to our teaching.

Congratulations to all nominees and winners….

The Edublog Awards Nominees 2012 List

You can check out the entire list of nominees in this Google Doc here! Or scroll to the bottom of this post to view it embedded.

Winners and nominees can grab badges at the very bottom of this page here.

Click the tabs at the bottom of the google doc to see all of the different categories. This will also show you how we ended up ranking all of the nominees and how we shortlisted the finalists.

Check out the Edublog Awards Slideshow here!

And the winners are…

Winners are chosen based on voting by the community.

1.  Best individual blog

The winner of the Best Individual Edublog 2012….2,293 total votes

Winner: Seomra Ranga (336 votes)
–Runner UpSpeech Techie – Sean Sweeney (260 votes)
–Runner UpFilm English – Kieran Donaghy ( 183 votes)
–Runner UpFree Technology for Teachers – Richard Byrne (152 votes)
–Runner UpGridjumper’s Blog (107 votes)

Check out all individual blog finalists and results here!

2.  Best group blog

The winner of the Best Group Edublog 2012….1,744 votes

Winner: Edutopia (289 votes)
–Runner UpASHAsphere (226 votes)
–Runner UpNerdy Book Club (142 votes)
–Runner UpDigital Leader Network (124 votes)
–Runner UpEdudemic (103 votes)

Check out all group finalists and results here!

4.  Best new blog

The winner of the Best New Edublog 2012….3,148 votes

Winner: Edutech for Teachers – Jamie Forshey (217 votes)
–Runner Upedcetera – Rafter Blog | straight talk on ed tech (207 votes)
–Runner UpQuests and Treks – A teacher’s journey – Daniela Bunea (157 votes)
–Runner UpSpeech Adventures – Mary Huston (123 votes)
–Runner UpDiane Ravitch’s Blog (111 votes)

Check out all Best New Edublog finalists and results here!

5.  Best class blog

The winner of the Best Class Edublog 2012….2,924 votes

Winner: Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog (317 votes)
–Runner UpFabulous 5S (217 votes)
–Runner Up4KM And 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School (207 votes)
–Runner Up3/4C & 3/4K @ UPPS (205 votes)
–Runner Up:  3/4C @ The Junction (186 votes)

Check out all Best Class Edublog finalists and results here!

6. Best student blog

The winner of the Best student edublog 2012….1,897

-Winner: Jaden’s Awesome Blog (267 votes)
–Runner UpMEAOW @ Josie’s Blog (190 votes)
–Runner UpHanna B. gradstudentSLP  (165 votes)
–Runner UpSLP_Echo (128 votes)
–Runner Up:  GBM Corner (127 votes)

Check out all student blogs finalists and results tally here!

7.  Best Ed Tech / resource sharing blog

The winner of the Best Ed Tech / resource sharing edublog….2,924 votes

Winner: Free Technology for Teachers – Richard Byrne (219 votes)
–Runner UpSpeech Techie – Sean J. Sweeney (212 votes)
–Runner UpEdutopia (142 votes)
–Runner UpPediastaff (134 votes)
–Runner Up:  Edukwest (130 votes)

Check out all Best Ed Tech / resource sharing blog finalists and results here!

8. Best teacher blog

The winner of the Best Teacher edublog 2012….2,391votes

Winner: – Caroline Bowen (236 votes)
–Runner UpThe Nerdy Teacher – Nicholas Provenzano (216 votes)
–Runner UpCtrl Alt Teach – Catherine “Cat” Horton Flippen (139 votes)
–Runner UpIntegrating Technology – Kathleen Morris (137 votes)
–Runner Up:  Teacher Tom (121 votes)

Check out all Best Teacher blog finalists and results here!

9. Best librarian / library blog

The winner of the Best Librarian / Library edublog 2012….1,713 votes

Winner: Образователен блог (256 votes)
–Runner UpMighty Little Librarian – Tiffany Whitehead (236 votes)
–Runner UpBulldog Readers – Julie Hembree (214 votes)
–Runner UpWatch. Connect. Read. – Mr. Schu (149 votes)
–Runner Up:  The Adventures of Library Girl – Jennifer LaGarde (114 votes)

Check out all Best Librarian/Library blog finalists and results here!

10. Best School Administrator or Principal blog

The winner of the Best School Administrator or Principal edublog 2012….1,530 votes

Winner: Darcy Moore (163 votes)
–Runner UpThe Principal of Change – George Couros (143 votes)
–Runner UpДетски клуб СОУЕЕ (134 votes)
–Runner UpA Principal’s Reflections – Eric Sheringer (129 votes)
–Runner Up:  This and That – Jon Castelhano (73 votes)

Check out all Best School Administrator or Principal blog finalists and results here!

11.  Most influential blog post

The winner of the Most influential blog post 2012….1,766 votes

Winner: Jaden’s Awesome Blog – Ten things I’ve learned from blogging (433 votes)
–Runner UpMrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog – November is Family Blogging Month!  (228 votes)
–Runner UpLexical Linguist – Nomenclature and basic functions of Twitter (AKA Twitter 101 for SLPs and AUDs (151 votes)
–Runner UpTeach From the Heart – Evaluate Me, Please (84 votes)
–Runner Up:  Angela Maiers – 12 Things Kids Want from Their Teachers (84 votes)

Check out all Most influential blog post finalists and results here!

12.  Best individual tweeter

The winner of the Best Individual Tweeter 2012….1,559 votes

Winner: SpeechyKeenSLP (177 votes)
–Runner Upictmagic (164 votes)
–Runner UpRossMannell ( 109 votes)
–Runner Upcybraryman1 (105 votes)
–Runner Upfboss (103 votes)

Check out all individual tweeter finalists and results here!

13.  Best Twitter hashtag

The winner of the Best Twitter Hashttag 2012….1,733 votes

Winner: #UnfollowBullying - student-initiated, student-led anti-bullying campaign from Elk Grove USD (265 votes)
–Runner Up#slpeeps  – For speech and language professionals (226votes)
–Runner Up#comments4kids - way for students and teachers to find blogs to comment on and to get their own posts commented on ( 166 votes)
–Runner Up: #edchateducation hashtag (163 votes)
–Runner Up#ukedchat – education in UK (147 votes)

Check out all best hashtags finalists and results here!

14.  Best Free Web tool

The winner of the Best Free Web tool 2012….1,342 votes

Winner: Twitter (223 votes)
–Runner Up: Glogster EDU (134 votes)
–Runner UpDropBox ( 128 votes)
–Runner Up: Edmodo (121 votes)
–Runner Up: Pinterest (107 votes)

Check out all best free web tool finalists and results here!

15.  Best Podcasts

The winner of the Best Podcast 2012….1,409 votes

Winner: A.T.TIPSCAST (184 votes)
–Runner UpInfinite Thinking Machine (171 votes)
–Runner UpTed Talks – Education ( 163 votes)
–Runner UpNerdy Cast (139 votes)
–Runner Up: Geek SLP (98 votes)

Check out all best podcast finalists and results here!

16.  Best Use of Video and Media

The winner of the Best Use of Video and Media  2012….1,507 votes

Winner: Literacy Shed (245 votes)
–Runner UpHipHughes History (240 votes)
–Runner Up: Mr Avery’s Class ( 172 votes)
–Runner Up: Khan Academy (129 votes)
–Runner UpShelly Terrell (110 votes)

Check out all best use of video and media finalists and results here!

17.  Best educational wiki

The winner of the Best educational wiki  2012….2,398 votes

Winner: English Classroom (342 votes)
–Runner UpICTMagic (212 votes)
–Runner UpDigital ID (111 votes)
–Runner UpStudent Made Maths Movies (111 votes)

Check out all best educational wiki finalists and results here!

18.  Best free and Open PD

The winner of the Best free and open PD 2012….1,668 votes

Winner: EdWeb (328 votes)
–Runner UpTwitter Math Camp (256 votes)
–Runner UpTeachMeets (168 votes)
–Runner Up: Simple K12′s Webinars (158 votes)
–Runner UpEdCamps (151 votes)

Check out all best free and Open PD finalists and results here!

19.  Best Social Network for Educators

The winner of the Best Social network for educators 2012….1,704votes

Winner: Life Pulp (252 votes)
–Runner UpEdmodo (227 votes)
–Runner UpPedia Staff (216 votes)
–Runner UpISTE – SIGVE (97 votes)
–Runner UpThe aPLaNet Project (87 votes)

Check out all best social network for educators finalists and results here!

20.  Best Mobile App

The winner of the Best Mobile App 2012….1,574votes

Winner: Flying Books App (218 votes)
–Runner UpEvernote (176 votes)
–Runner Up: Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch (98 votes)
–Runner Up: DropBox (83 votes)
–Runner UpFluencyFinder (81 votes)

Check out all best mobile app finalists and results here!

21.  Lifetime achievement

The winner of the Lifetime Acrhievenemt 2012….1,574votes

Winner: Tim Rylands (166 votes)
–Runner UpJenny Zhu (157 votes)
–Runner UpDarcy Moore (155 votes)
–Runner UpAl Rogers (146 votes)
–Runner UpSir Ken Robinson (111 votes)

Check out all Life time achievement finalists and results here!

The Complete Edublog Awards Nominees 2012 list

December 15, 2011
by Sue Waters

Announcing the 2011 Winners – Congrats to All!

We are proud to announce all of the winners of this year’s Edublog Awards!

Well done to all the winners, nominees, those that contributed nominations, voted, and participated!

Here’s a link to the recording of the live ceremony!

For the winners, we encourage you to show off your award with one of the badges below.

And the winners are…

Check out the embedded Gooogle Doc below or Download this PDF version

Don’t forget the badges!

December 13, 2011
by Ronnie Burt

Prizes, vote totals, and gearing up for the award ceremony

With just six hours of voting left to go, we’ve had well over 30,000 votes so far!

Please don’t forget to join us tomorrow, December 14th at 7pm EST (see it in your timezone) for the live awards ceremony.

Use this link to login to Blackboard Collaborate – come a little early to start the conversation if you’d like!

What do winners get?

Most importantly, winners will receive the recognition of their peers and the education community. We’ll provide badges to the top 5 finalists and the winners of each category after the ceremony as well to display proudly on their blogs if they choose.

We will also provide the opportunity for each winner to set-up a free Edublogs Campus site for their school or organization to use for a year! This private blog network makes it easy to create and mange blogs for students and teachers – all at your own domain.

The top five finalists in each category will be given a free year’s subscription to Edublogs Propretty sweet, huh?!

December 12, 2011
by Ronnie Burt

Last chance to vote and join us for the live awards ceremony!

Just over 30 hours to go for voting in this year’s Edublog Awards!

With thousands of votes rolling in each day, who comes out on top is definitely still up for grabs!

Please make sure to join us on Wednesday/Thursday (see the time in your timezone here) for the live awards ceremony.

We will put a link to the Blackboard Collaborate room here on this site, on our Twitter feed, and Facebook fan page.

Winners will get a chance to give a short acceptance speech if they wish and we’ll hangout and celebrate once it is all over. This will be a great chance for you to interact with bloggers, educators, and community members – so don’t miss out! The group chat alone makes this a fun and worthwhile event!

Get your last minute votes in and hope to see you at the ceremony!

December 5, 2011
by Sue Waters

Check out the Complete 2011 Edublog Awards Nominations shortlist

The most important part of the Awards process for us is creating a list of resources that will help educators!

This year we’re trying an alternative option for sharing the lists by embedding a Google Doc (or you can check it out as a web page here)!

We’re still working on the information about the hashtags and web tools.  But it is quite time consuming. Please leave a comment if you have some information we can add!  Once completed we’ll be converting it into a PDF.

Hope you like and it helps!

Just click on the category name at the bottom of the spreadsheet to check out all short listed nominations in that category.

December 5, 2011
by Sue Waters

The 2011 Edublog Awards – voting is now open

The nominations are up and voting is now open in the 2011 Edublog Awards!

Voting is open until 11:59 PM US Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, December the 13th – and the winners will be announced at the Edublog Awards ceremony on the 14th at 7pm EST (more to come soon).

About the Nominations

Use the links in the sidebar or the “2011 Nominees!” link in the top menu to check out all of the shortlisted nominees.

Each year there are more and more nominations, and of increasing excellent quality, reflecting the ever growing edublogosphere — nice work guys!

Unfortunately we can’t list every single nomination in each category — that’s too overwhelming for everyone.

Instead, our intrepid team of judges combed through hundreds of nominated sites to whittle them down to a manageable number of shortlisted nominations for each category.

Apologies in advance if your site or nominated sites don’t make it – this was such a tough decision!

There are many factors that determine whether a nomination is shortlisted, and some categories were considerably more competitive than others due to the incredible number of nominations.

For example, sites weren’t shortlisted:

  1. If they obviously didn’t fit the category (such as Nings or wikis being nominated in blog categories)
  2. If they were self nominations
  3. If they didn’t follow the nomination submission process

Other factors used for shortlisting included:

  • For blogs and influential posts – indicators of reader engagement (such as # of comments, bookmarking, pingbacks)
  • For Tweeters – conversation indicators (such as number of following/followers, lists been added to, types of conversations, whether account was public or private)

Due to the thousands of nominations received, there is most likely a typo or mistake or two. Let us know in the comments so we can fix it up!

Nomination Badges!

Yes! We have badges for everyone who has been shortlisted :)

If you’ve been nominated, grab your badge from the top of your category page and it place in your sidebar linking back to the poll, nominations will be listed on those pages forevermore so wear ‘em with pride.

There is also a generic “vote for me badge” at the top of this post!

How to Vote

We’ve changed how you vote this year!  Now you can vote for your favorites all in the one location.

Just go to the Vote Here link  in the top navigation or vote on each nomination page by choosing the category you want to vote in, then who you want to vote for!  Easy!  And best of all once you’ve vote it loads a page where you can share your vote on Twitter or Facebook!

Remember that only one vote per day per category will be counted from the same location!

This means, if your school uses one IP address, you’ll need to ask students and staff to vote from home, or only one vote will count :)

December 3, 2011
by Ronnie Burt

QUICK! Nominate Your Favorite Mobile App for Education

Nominations for all categories are now closed.

BUT, in a new twist for the Eddies, we’ve decided to do a quick round of nominations for your favorite mobile app while we wait for voting to begin!

These can be for student use, learning, teacher productivity, or any app that makes your life as an educator better.

All you need to do is complete the quick form below and we’ll announce the nominees when voting opens for all of the other categories.

That should happen sometime on Sunday. Just as quickly as we can get it organized and ready to go :)

We decided to do this after having such positive feedback on the new “Free Web Tool” category this year. We most likely won’t have it organized in time for voting in a normal category – but this should make for a great resource list for others once compiled.

What do you think, shall we vote on this category too? Let us know in the comments below!

Sorry – Nominations for this are now closed!

December 2, 2011
by Ronnie Burt
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Last Call! Nominations Will Close Friday – 11:59pm EST

Just a quick note to say that nominations won’t be accepted after 11:59pm EST tomorrow (Friday the 2nd)!

if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget(’95c51305-72af-4e5a-b592-2142bc91f346′);Get the Countdown Creator Pro widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)

Make sure to get any final nominations in before the countdown makes it to zero!

Just for a sneak peek, this is by far the most nominations submitted ever.

Sometime over the weekend we will announce the shotlisted nominees and open voting at that time.

One thing we’ve been noticing, which we are extremely excited about, is the natural progression of nominees rolling in that have a specific specialty or are from a particular area. For example, ESL educators nominating fellow ESL colleagues, or speech pathologists doing the same for those in their field. It hasn’t been as obvious in years past, which really goes to show that as a community of educators, we are really starting to build our PLNs around those that match closely to what we do. This is only possible because the sheer numbers of those blogging and interacting on twitter, for example, are growing exponentially.

How wonderful that we can now collaborate with and learn from others around the globe just as easy as we can with the teacher next door!

Get those nominations in and check back over the weekend to get your vote on!

November 22, 2011
by Ronnie Burt

Edublog Awards News: Keeping Up With All The Nominations

Whew – we’ve processed over 400 nominations since launching with more rolling in each hour!

In case you are just tuning in – more on the nomination process and where to submit yours can be found here.

It’s fun to keep up with them as they come in, and once voting starts, we will publish them all here for you to enjoy.

For now, you can keep up with many of them with:

Twitter Search – The same used for the widget in our sidebar. You can get your own widget to embed on your blog here.

Google Blog Search – Updated with the latest blog posts that contain “Edublog Awards” somewhere in the content. An excellent way to find new blogs to follow!

Just a few thoughts – each year we come across a few posts from some that aren’t big fans of this process (see here for a recent example). We’ve also enjoyed reading posts such as Not My Edublog Awards Nominees - which puts an interesting perspective on wanting to give props to fellow PLN members, but perhaps not nominate for the awards. Please know that we welcome all feedback and are always working on ways to make this as valuable and useful process as possible to everyone. Just to throw this out there – our personal favorite part of the Edublog Awards isn’t that we crown a winner in each category, but that we:

  • Celebrate and recognize those that contribute to our personal learning
  • Create a handy list of incredible resources for the community to refer to
  • Build awareness of all of the excellent ways technology is being used in education

We can’t tell you how many times people ask us for good librarian blogs to follow, for example, and we point them to the list of the previous year’s nominees.

Keep the nominations coming – remember to get them in by Friday, December 2nd!

November 14, 2011
by Sue Waters

Nominations Open – The 2011 Edublog Awards are on!

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for!

The Edublogs Awards 2011 are a go!

The Edublog Awards is a community based incentive started in 2004 in response to community concerns relating to how schools, districts and educational institutions were blocking access of learner and teacher blog sites for educational purposes.  The purpose of the Edublog awards is promote and demonstrate the educational values of these social media.  The best aspects include that it creates a fabulous resource for educators to use for ideas on how social media is used in different contexts, with a range of different learners while creating an invaluable resource of the best-of-the-best on the web!

How To Nominate

To nominate your favorites, we’re following the same approach as the last three years, namely asking you to:

  • Write a post with your nominations for the different categories on your own blog (or a website – anywhere public)
  •  Send us the link to your nomination post via the form at the bottom of the Nominations Page


And we’ve made some changes to categories this year such as:

  • Some categories have been combined together (Best ed tech / resource sharing blog and Best educational use of audio / video / visual /podcast)
  • We’ve created two new categories (Best open PD / unconference / webinar series and Best free web tool)
  • Virtual worlds are encouraged to be part of the expanded “social network” category

Here are the categories in full – nominations are open from now until Friday 2 December, and voting will then be up until Tuesday 13 December and the ceremony will be rocking on Wednesday 14 December!

So go nominate your favourite blogs, twitterers, community sites, videos, podcasts and more… for 2011:

  • Best individual blog
  • Best individual tweeter
  • Best group blog
  • Best new blog
  • Best class blog
  • Best student blog
  • Best ed tech / resource sharing blog
  • Most influential blog post
  • Best twitter hashtag
  • Best teacher blog
  • Best librarian / library blog
  • Best School Administrator blog
  • Best free web tool
  • Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast
  • Best educational wiki
  • Best open PD / unconference / webinar series
  • Best educational use of a social network
  • Lifetime achievement

How To Nominate

  • Write a post with your nominations on your blog, link to them and link to this site
  • Use the form at the bottom of the Nominations Page to send us a link to your nominations

(Yes, we put that in there twice just so it was uber clear!)

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below :)