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Nominate your choice for best overall individual blog.


  1. Group blog: Terra Nova

    Individual blog: Mathmagenic

    Of course, I think both I and Jill and Lisbeth and you and anders and Mike at Vitia and Culture cat and Anne PLSJ and Stephanie and and and and should be nominated, but let Lilia represent us all, as her research, practice and writing on the connection between weblogs and physical social interrelations captures a vital part of the essence of blogging, academic or not.

  2. Single Blog: jill/txt

    … combine[s] genuine commentary with academic interest and writing zeal! 🙂

    [Copied over from Halavais News]

    • Tama
  3. A blog of physicist wisdom

  4. I would have to suggest a lot of french edublogs here in Quebec and some elsewhere, but I suppose that it would be preferable to nominate some in english to really get in the mood… I’m going for Seb’s Open Research.

  5. Over on the corporate side of the e-learning blog world, I like Mark Oehlert’s eClippings quite a bit. Is the corporate stuff different enough to need its own award category?

  6. Pharyngula is a fave read of mine. While there are technically other posters occasionally, it is really not a group blog: the bulk of posts is by PZ, who runs the place.

  7. Weblog Ciencias de la Información is a new concept of blog, the autor have a universitary vision of information and communication sector (press, advertising and public relations, audiovisual communication)

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