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Nominate your choice for best resource sharing blog.


  1. Palimpsest: “a group-authored blog about teaching language and literature. good stuff, free.”

  2. Kirsty Sharp’s collection of writing and resources during her year as an Australian Flexible Learning Leader.

  3. ResourceBlog – http://resourceblog.com

    This site contains a collection of tips, techniques, and tutorials culled from some of the better web development and programming resources in the Web Universe. This is not simply a “link farm” – you will find the references here to be highly focused.

  4. blog.bioethics.net is the first blog by the editors of a major scholarly journal, in this case The American Journal of Bioethics. The bloggers are faculty at Penn, who run the journal from there and Stanford. It is only a couple of months old but is great – I use it in my class and in my research, and it was all anyone talked about at the last big bioethics meeting (which is pretty impressive, given that bioethics is now the fastest growing area in medicine!). I like it. If you guys do then please include it in the vote!

    • Monica Cindra
  5. The bioethics site you mention is actually at http://blog.bioethics.net; that is not just its name. d

    • David Markson
  6. The CBB Plagarism Project blog at Colby/Bates/Bowdoin is a nice example of very tightly-focused resource sharing around a single topic. Good blogging enhances the other multimedia and informational resources the CBB project provides.

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