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Noticing that the 2004 Weblog Awards had neglected to include a category for scholarly blogging, Alex Halavais suggested that we do our own. Hence this site…

You can nominate as many blogs as you like for as many categories as you think appropriate using the postings below, Nominations close 00.00 GMT on Friday 3rd December 2004.

[If you think we’re missing a category please comment on this post and we can talk about adding it]

The categories are:

best library/librarian blog
best newcomer (2004)
best use of weblogs within teaching and learning
best technology meets pedagogy blog
best designed & most beautiful blog
best blogged paper(s)
best research based blog
best administration blog
best resource sharing blog
best overall group blog
best overall individual blog

And if you wish to offer prizes, please tell us here which category and what you are willing to offer and what prize. You’ll get a sponsorship link in the sidebar (& 160 x 40 image of your choice).

After the nominations have been received voting will open, there will be a ‘popular’ winner and an editorial winner, in the even of their only being one prize per category the popular winner will receive it.

Let the nominations begin 🙂


  1. Um, category idea: Best PhD Student Blog. Why? Well, we’re just Scholars in the making!

  2. Hiya, some more thoughts on these awards here, it’d be great if you could comment on what you think: http://incsub.org/blog/index.php?p=85

    Cheers, James

    • James Farmer
  3. Julia: Had thought seriously about your suggestion early on, but then I started thinking about it and realized that, if anything, there should be a best tenured faculty group? Why? If you look across the blogs that have already been nominated, you will find students are already heavily represented in many of these categories. The late adopters here are the more established faculty.

  4. Hiya Jim, Good question, I guess the ‘resources’ category would be most appropriate for news? Not sure though… what do other people think?

    • James Farmer
  5. I don’t know…when you say resources I think of actual teaching material. News about education doesn’t seem to fit.

    I’ll nominate those three in the Resources category for now and if you decide to add a News category they can get moved over there.

    • Jim
  6. I’m with Jim. I could support any of the three that Jim cited. It should be a separate category. Resources doesn’t describe what we do.

    Daryl Cobranchi
    Homeschool & Other Education Stuff

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