Awards show Sunday

Hope you’re all looking forward to Sunday’s awards show and the announcement of this years winners as much as me! The show starts at 15:00 GMT (apologies to that part of Australia and New Zealand for whom it might be a bit too late for), so you can listen in live as the winners are announced. The show is being cast by Worldbridges under the title Edtech talk number 30, and will of course be available to listen to after the event.

The chat room will be open too, so why not join in with the show –
Type any ID to enter.

You can also listen to the second half of last Sunday’s Awards rundown, EdTechTalk number 29, part 2, where you can hear Dave Cormier and I run down the short-lists from Best librarian/library blog onwards. Unfortunately the first half got eaten up, but rest assured I said lovely things about everyone.

Dave has also taken the time to set up this account with all the links for all the nominees.