Love your teacher a bit too much?

Well it looks like having your votes deleted doesn’t deter the mass voters. Sigh.

Consequently, until it stops we’re going to have to limit the categories it’s happening in to one vote per IP.

Sorry, we just don’t have all day to spend monitoring people abusing the system.

7 responses to “Love your teacher a bit too much?”

  1. See, I reckon one vote per IP address is fair because the winner should be gathering support from across the globe, not just in an isolated pocket like a school or institution. Keep it this way – just getting your mates in or soliciting votes via listservs isn’t really a true measure of your influence as a blogger. And while I’m whining, I reckon there’s a big difference between a blog set up by a teacher for their class and a teacher blog. Without limiting the IP voting system, the second (which may be more globally read and influential) doesn’t have a chance against the other. Last year’s results tell that tale.

  2. Thanks Graham, I think you;re right about a blog about / by a teacher and a blog used for teaching too… something to remember for next year.

  3. I heartily agree with you. I went from feeling so overjoyed at being nominated to feeling pretty low after hearing about all of the voting issues. I’m glad to know that my students weren’t the only ones over voting. But, in fairness, they didn’t know they shouldn’t keep voting because it wasn’t mentioned until after the fact (and they’re only 14). Now they feel incredibly bad. The mood in class today was pretty depressing after I spoke with them. Also, see:

    I agree with Graham that this should be about quality and not a popularity contest. Thank you James for your patience and all of the work that must go into doing this!

  4. Arthus, you shameless demagogue and gerrymanderer. Your quenchless ambition will be your downfall 😉

    James, 2.0 is the most authentic project-based learning there is (for me, anyway, as a teacher and a blogger). We all agree, I hope, that your efforts are to be applauded and the bugs to be expected. Living and learning. It’s an effort worth tweaking with time.