Awards Party: dates, times, locations

We’ve fixed the awards party date: Saturday December 8 2007 @ 21.30GMT. For your local times please click through. We’re currently sorting out the hosting issues – the event will be taking place on the Island of jokaydia in Second Life, and you can check out the finalists in our Virtual World category for some tips and advice on getting started in SL. We will be using audio in Second Life and also running an off world audio stream for those of you who can’t be doing with SL for whatever reason – either way, you’ll be wanting to dig out your headsets. More info to follow shortly.
Twitter is kindly hosting a backchannel 😉 so please do go and friend Eddie if you like or want to check out some micro-blogging action (Jaiku is actually much better designed for this purpose – unfortunately it’s still closed to new sign ups following the Google buy out).

I haven’t had replies from all of the finalists yet – so if you are a finalist, please do get in touch via the awards email if you haven’t done so yet. We need to contact you all about SL support etc. If you recognise a finalist who hasn’t yet submitted information about themselves, please do help us out and ask them to get in touch!

Finally – the dress code 🙂 Default avatars are more than welcome – we’re not recreating Snow Crash here. However – dressing up is also a lot of fun and very much encouraged – please do feel free to put on your best frock or flying spaghetti monster suit.


5 responses to “Awards Party: dates, times, locations”

  1. I am not having any luck understanding how to move around in SL. I created an avatar, etc. but when I try to find JOKAYDIA ISLAND everythnig comes up unknown. I just plain don’t know what I am doing!
    I can’ even interpret help…now that is pretty sad…no experience with virtual worlds or games that do this type of stuff!

    I feel really dumb!

  2. Don’t worry about searching for Jokaydia Island. The simplest thing to do is to use the link provided by Jo in the post above “jokaydia in Second Life”. Click on the link. That will give you the Second Life URL (known as SLURL) which when you click on the Teleport button, will launch Second Life, and take you right to the location! Give it a go, you will probably meet someone around there who can help you get started. Cheers. Judy

  3. I do not know if my problems are due to having Microsoft Vista or not, but when I teleport and try to connect if just shuts down near the end of the connection phase.