Most influential blog post 2009

The winners of the Most influential blog post 2009….

  1. Winner:’s Head in the Clouds
  2. Joint First Runner Up: Intrepid Flame’s This, This, That and Ann Marie Cunningham’s Tech addiction ‘harms learning’ …..really??? $24.99 and I am no wiser

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Posts nominated in alphabetical order!

  1. Ann Marie Cunningham’s Tech addiction ‘harms learning’ …..really??? $24.99 and I am no wiser
  2.’s Head in the Clouds
  3. Danah Boyd’s Spectacle at Web2.0 Expo… from my perspective
  4. Dan Maas’s Writing with Laptops
  5. Burcu Akyol’s Spread Your Knowledge series
  6. Bud Hunt’s Would You Please Block?
  7. Dan Myer’s A Fifth Year Teacher’s Creed
  8. Dan Meyer’s What I Would Do With This: Groceries
  9. David Wiley’s A few notes about openness (and a request)
  10. Dean Shareski’s Student and Teacher blogging that succeeds
  11. Doug Johnson’s Where are the others?
  12. Intrepid Flame’s This, This, That
  13. James Clay’s The VLE is Dead – The Movie
  14. Jon’s A Manifesto for EduChange in the Eve of Hacking Education
  15. Joyce Valenca’s My 2.0 day and the response/rant about our cover argument
  16. Joyce Valenza & Doug Johnson Things That Keep Us Up at Night
  17. Liz B. Davis’s 10 Tips for Teaching Technology to Teachers
  18. Marisa Constantinides on  How to become an ELT Teacher Educator
  19. Martin Weller’s Using learning environments as a metaphor for educational change
  20. Michael Fienen’s The Great Keynote Meltdown of 2009
  21. Michael Smith’s Germ X Generation
  22. Scott McCleod’s Calling all bloggers! – Leadership Day 2009
  23. Sean Nash’s The Four Pillars of Technology Integration
  24. Shelly Terrell’s EdChat’s “Join the Conversation”
  25. Stephen Downes’s An Operating System for the Mind
  26. Steve Wheeler’s Another nail in the coffin?
  27. TeachPaperless’s Top Eleven Things All Teachers Must Know About Technology (or I promised Dean Groom I wouldn’t write a top ten list; so this one goes up to eleven.)
  28. Wes Fryer’s Debating the propriety of blanket censorship by school IT departments
  29. Will Richardson’s The Obama Speech
  30. Will Richardson’s Don’t, Don’t, Don’t vs. Do, Do, Do

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Results for Most influential blog post 2009

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  1. […] I was really surprised to see that an article I wrote at 4 o’clock in the morning has been nominated as the most influential blog post in the edublog awards.  My article, “Heads in the Cloud“, was written to explain the concept of Cloud Computing to my colleagues on a mailing list I subscribe to.  Basically, somebody asked what Cloud Computing was and because my school has been using it for so long, I said I’d write a short article about my experience.  If you’d like to vote for my article, please go to the following web page and vote: […]

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