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14 responses to “Best free web tool 2011”

  1. Great list, but I’d point out that Classdojo and Class Dojo are listed as two separate entries, which might split their potential voting numbers. Just a typo I’m sure, but worth sorting out, if only just to be fair about it.



  2. Darles las gracias al equipo de ClustrMaps, ya que gracías a ellos puedo ver en tiempo real las visitas a mi web.

    Que menos que apoyaros con mi voto!!!

  3. Thank you for nominating SweetSearch!

    We really appreciate the efforts of the thousands of educators who helped us create it initially by suggesting websites to include, and who helped us continuously improve it through their feedback.

    Here is our blog post on how we created it, and why we think it is the best place for students – and teachers – to begin their research online: