Edublog Awards News: Keeping Up With All The Nominations

Whew – we’ve processed over 400 nominations since launching with more rolling in each hour!

In case you are just tuning in – more on the nomination process and where to submit yours can be found here.

It’s fun to keep up with them as they come in, and once voting starts, we will publish them all here for you to enjoy.

For now, you can keep up with many of them with:

Twitter Search – The same used for the widget in our sidebar. You can get your own widget to embed on your blog here.

Google Blog Search – Updated with the latest blog posts that contain “Edublog Awards” somewhere in the content. An excellent way to find new blogs to follow!

Just a few thoughts – each year we come across a few posts from some that aren’t big fans of this process (see here for a recent example). We’ve also enjoyed reading posts such as Not My Edublog Awards Nominees – which puts an interesting perspective on wanting to give props to fellow PLN members, but perhaps not nominate for the awards. Please know that we welcome all feedback and are always working on ways to make this as valuable and useful process as possible to everyone. Just to throw this out there – our personal favorite part of the Edublog Awards isn’t that we crown a winner in each category, but that we:

  • Celebrate and recognize those that contribute to our personal learning
  • Create a handy list of incredible resources for the community to refer to
  • Build awareness of all of the excellent ways technology is being used in education

We can’t tell you how many times people ask us for good librarian blogs to follow, for example, and we point them to the list of the previous year’s nominees.

Keep the nominations coming – remember to get them in by Friday, December 2nd!


8 responses to “Edublog Awards News: Keeping Up With All The Nominations”

  1. Just to reiterate: I’m not opposed to the Edublog Awards. I’m not against being recognized or recognizing others. It’s just something about the awards, or scores or lists – it all stirs up an insecurity that isn’t good for me. The problem isn’t with the process, but with me. Sorry if my post’s tone was negative or snarky.

    • Hi John – I wrote the post above (the theme doesn’t display our names). Not at all snarky – I chose your post because I thought it was even-headed and wanted to share multiple sides. Thanks for the comment! Good debate and ideas for improvement are always healthy…

  2. Glad you liked my ‘Not my nominations’ post! I really like what you do but it was just impossible to narrow it down to the people I thought were best in each category.

    May your awards recognize excellence for years to come!

  3. Could you clarify whether it matters if you nominate a blogger who reciprocates the nomination? Is this one of the criteria you are using to decide which blogs make the shortlist? Thanks very much.

    • Hi Juliet,

      Reciprocation isn’t a factor at all in shortlisting 🙂 Hope this helps and best of luck!