Announcing the 2011 Winners – Congrats to All!

We are proud to announce all of the winners of this year’s Edublog Awards!

Well done to all the winners, nominees, those that contributed nominations, voted, and participated!

Here’s a link to the recording of the live ceremony!

For the winners, we encourage you to show off your award with one of the badges below.

And the winners are…

Check out the embedded Gooogle Doc below or Download this PDF version

Don’t forget the badges!


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  1. The biggest issue with embedding a Googe Doc is that you cannot scroll down on the spreadsheet on mobile and tablet devices. You have to go online via computer. fYI. With 25% of users in the US mobile only, it is something to note.

  2. […] And the winners are… Check out the embedded Gooogle Doc below or Download this PDF version For the winners, we encourage you to show off your award with one of the badges below. Announcing the 2011 Winners – Congrats to All! | The Edublog Awards […]

  3. This is Steve from allatc. We’re delighted that our blog is a finalist for Best Teacher Blog. Could you fix the link in the Google Doc? It isn’t hyperlinked.

    • Hi Steve, the link to both the Google Doc version and the PDF are working for me in most web browser. The only thing I haven’t done is make them open in a new tab browser because I added them quickly.

      Are you sure the links aren’t working for you?

      • Hi Sue
        The link works in the PDF document, but not in the Google Doc above. I’ve tried on three computers and a mobile and allatc is in black and unclickable whereas the other blogs are in blue and underlined.

  4. Hi guys! Just a quick q, as we’re a little confused – we were told by people on the call yesterday that ClassDojo had won the Best Free Web Tool award, but the results above tell a different story! No worries either way, just curious to know why the discrepancy?
    Cheers 🙂


    • Hi Sam, we’re very sorry for the confusion caused.

      There was an issue with this category which caused the wrong announcement. We did correct it during the ceremony. The results displayed in the spreadsheet are the correct results.

  5. With these results, I’m feeling a shift to the “next generation” of ed bloggers…is it just me? That’s a good thing, btw.

    • Hi John, definitely not you. Each year we see a wide range of new resources being nominated and it is a good thing.

  6. I was just honored to be part of this exciting event… sure I’m competitive and wanted to win! But we all win by recognition and the growth of our PLN with new exciting voices and sage wise voices! So Woohooo!!! Congrats everyone!! Let’s keep working hard for our most important customers of all, our kids.
    The Daring Librarian

    ps. I wonder if Royces’s Mum found out he was speaking eloquently to an international crowd last night! LOL

    • Hi Gwyneth, I feel that same in that I’m honored to be given the opportunity to be able to share all these great resources that ultimately help our students. Royce spoke so well during the Awards ceremony, as did all the other students, and they were the highlights from the ceremony for me.

      • Absolutely right, Sue! The kids were the highlight for me, as well! Esp. Mrs. Yollis’s class who gave up their recess to yell enthusiastically THANK YOU!
        Who wouldn’t love that!?

        A huge thanks to you, Ronnie, & Steve for all your hard work with the awards! The Herculean task of gathering the noms, creating the voting system, tabulating the results (overnight? cray cray!), running the awards event, & posting the winners! Whew!
        You deserve ALL the chocolate and our appreciation!

        • Hi Gwyneth, it was Kathleen Morris’s class that stayed in during recess (they are based in Australia) and Mrs Yollis’s class whose students joined the ceremony from their homes (they are based in California).

          It might have been my fault that Ronnie stayed up a bit late tabulating the results 🙁

          Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m thinking I get all the chocolate as I’m not convinced Ronnie eats chocolate and not sure about Steve?

  7. Hi Sue,

    Thanks again for all of the work involved for these awards! We’re thrilled to have won “Best Mobile App for Education”, and are working hard to make it even more powerful. It will always be free. Just recently we “widgetized” the app so that any school, district, or blogger can place the app on their website. It’s pretty sticky.

    One pont of clarification, if you wouldn’t mind; our name is one word, MasteryConnect, not Mastery Connect.

    Thanks again to you and your team!



  8. congratulations to all who participated and especially to those who were at the top! and also congratulations to the owner of this blog! this gives us all the bloggers motivation to strive every day to make things better! success to all!

  9. Hey Sue!
    May I have permission to Photoshop a #Best Twitter Hashtag for #TLChat to give out to our TL Geek Tribe? [grins] it would be a design homage!

  10. Hi,
    Just wondering when the link to the recording of the awards ceremony will be available? It was on at midnight Irish time, and I’d like to share it with my class who came 2nd in the Class blog category.
    Their participation in the Edublog Awards has caused great excitement in school and has raised the interest levels in both blogging and IT.

  11. Hi,

    I emailed the people you told me to email! Will they tell me how to get my free blog? Do you have any idea when they will reply? When will you guys be doing the post with the link to the award ceremony?