2013 Awards

Many thanks to all that nominated, voted, or otherwise participated in the 10th annual Edublog Awards.

We truly believe this was the most successful year yet!

With over a thousand nominations, hundreds of thousands of views, and nearly 8,000 individuals voting, it was a massive community effort.

The most exciting part was the significant global presence with finalist and winners from all around the globe.

If you were a winner or finalist and would like us to send you a badge to display, let us know.

And without further ado…

Congrats to all the winners! Let’s give you a run-down of the winners and the runners-up…

Best Use of Videos and Media

Finalist Best Use of VideoWinner: Virtual Debates (266 votes)
Runner Up: Francie Skarritt (175 votes)
Runner Up: Scoil Mhuire TV (45 votes)
Runner Up: The Two Guys Show on EdReach (36 votes)
Runner Up: The Literacy Shed (24 votes)

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Best Use of Wikis

Finalist Best Educational WikiWinner: ICTmagic (269 votes)
Runner Up: EnglishClassroomBG (249 votes)
Runner Up: Save our Rhinos (92 votes)
Runner Up: The Global Classroom Project: 2013-14 (52 votes)
Runner Up: Resources for History Teachers (33 votes)

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Best Podcast or Hangout

Finalist Best PodcastWinner: St. Peter’s Primary Bray Blog (105 votes)
Runner Up: St Wolstan’s TY (91 votes)
Runner Up: The Compendium Blog of The A.T.TIPSCAST (42 votes)
Runner Up: Two Guys and Some iPads (39 votes)
Runner Up: Techlandia Podcast (36 votes)

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Best Open PD

Finalist Best Open PDWinner: SimpleK12 Teacher Learning Community (62 votes)
Runner Up: EdCamps (48 votes)
Runner Up: 2013 Reform Symposium E-Conference (RSCON) (27 votes)
Runner Up: Classroom 2.0 LIVE! (25 votes)
Runner Up: TL Virtual Cafe (24 votes)

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Best Individual Tweeter

Finalist Best Individual TweeterWinner: Jac de Haan (@techwithintent) (237 votes)
Runner Up: Sue Beckingham (@suebecks) (109 votes)
Runner Up: Sean Junkins (@sjunkins) (71 votes)
Runner Up: fboss (@fboss) (67 votes)
Runner Up: George Couros (@gcouros) (59 votes)

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Best Twitter HashTag

Finalist Best Twitter HashtagWinner: #slpeeps (97 votes)
Runner Up: #ukedchat (96 votes)
Runner Up: #edchatie (66 votes)
Runner Up: #SISrocks (50 votes)
Runner Up: #edchat (43 votes)

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Best Use of Social Network/Media

Finalist Best Us of Social MediaWinner: Hello Little World Skypers (222 votes)
Runner Up: Общност “Начално образование” към (205 votes)
Runner Up: Първокласно Facebook Group (183 votes)
Runner Up: Kidsedchatnz (145 votes)
Runner Up: TechChef4u (25 votes)

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Best Free Education Web Tool

Finalist Best Free Web ToolWinner: Glogster EDU (215 votes)
Runner Up: Buncee (110 votes)
Runner Up: Edmodo (77 votes)
Runner Up: Twitter (58 votes)
Runner Up: Symbaloo (58 votes)

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Best Mobile App

Finalist Best Mobile AppWinner: AR Flashcards (83 votes)
Runner Up: AtEval2Go (78 votes)
Runner Up: Twitter (37 votes)
Runner Up: Dropbox (30 votes)
Runner Up: Evernote (20 votes)

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Most Influential Blog Post

Finalist Most Influential PostWinner: В Час (173 votes)
Runner Up: An Open Letter to Ruairi Quinn (66 votes)
Runner Up: Busy Bee Speech: Dear Teacher…Love, Your SLP (59 votes)
Runner Up: And I Walk Away, or How I Finally Decided to Quit Teaching (39 votes)
Runner Up: There’s no such thing as a “free” app, so get over it and pony up! (25 votes)

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Best Administrator Blog

Finalist Best Administrator BlogWinner: A Principal’s Reflections (130 votes)
Runner Up: Darcy Moore’s Blog (114 votes)
Runner Up: Adjusting Course (58 votes)
Runner Up: Internet Marketing For Schools (45 votes)
Runner Up: Clerk to Governors (42 votes)

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Best Teacher Blog

Finalist Best Teacher BlogWinner: Edutech for Teachers (243 votes)
Runner Up: Моменти от класната стая (196 votes)
Runner Up: Seomra Ranga – Resources for the Primary School Teacher (53 votes)
Runner Up: mattBgomez (48 votes)
Runner Up: leavingcertenglish.net (41 votes)

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Best Library / Librarian Blog

Finalist Best Library BlogWinner: A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet (323 votes)
Runner Up: Образователен блог (269 votes)
Runner Up: Van Meter Library Voice (68 votes)
Runner Up: The Daring Librarian (62 votes)
Runner Up: NeverEndingSearch (49 votes)

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Best Resource Sharing Blog

Finalist Best Ed Tech BlogWinner: Моменти от класната стая (201 votes)
Runner Up: В Час (140 votes)
Runner Up: We Kinecting History (121 votes)
Runner Up: SpeechTechie (78 votes)
Runner Up: Free Technology for Teachers (69 votes)

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Best New Blog

Finalist Best New BlogWinner: spellingitoutblog (203 votes)
Runner Up: В Час (162 votes)
Runner Up: My TY experience (108 votes)
Runner Up: Speechy Musings (77 votes)
Runner Up: Two Guys and Some iPads (54 votes)

See all the finalists on the Best New Blog Finalists page.

Best Student Blog

Finalist Best Student BlogWinner: autisticandproud (211 votes)
Runner Up: Avogadro Salad (154 votes)
Runner Up: Minecraft_jono plays Minecraft (110 votes)
Runner Up: Eilís’ TY Blog (100 votes)
Runner Up: Planet Zoe (98 votes)

See all the finalists on the Best Student Blog Finalists page.

Best Class Blog

Finalist Best Class BlogWinner: cougarnewsblog (380 votes)
Runner Up: Kids With Ideas (266 votes)
Runner Up: Йорданка Първанова (211 votes)
Runner Up: 5/6C @ The Junction (144 votes)
Runner Up: If Only The Best Birds Sang (131 votes)

See all the finalists on the Best Class Blog Finalists page.

Best Group Blog

Finalist Best Group BlogWinner: Блогът на ЗПГ (403 votes)
Runner Up: cougarnewsblog (398 votes)
Runner Up: Partners in Learning (300 votes)
Runner Up: Speechie Freebies (85 votes)
Runner Up: Figure/Ground Communication (75 votes)

See all the finalists on the Best Group Blog Finalists page.

Best Individual Blog

Finalist Best Individual BlogWinner: Моменти от класната стая (235 votes)
Runner Up: PrAACtical AAC (83 votes)
Runner Up: В Час (79 votes)
Runner Up: Speech Adventures (70 votes)
Runner Up: Seomra Ranga (68 votes)

See all the finalists on the Best Individual Blog Finalists page.

Lifetime Achievement

Finalist Lifetime AchievementWinner: Jamie Forshey (@edutech20) (217 votes)
Runner Up: Antoinette Milanova (@antoineta66) (189 votes)
Runner Up: Caroline Bowen (@speech_woman) (94 votes)
Runner Up: Jerry Blumengarten (@cybraryman1) (73 votes)
Runner Up: Anne Mirtschin (@murcha) (56 votes)

See all the finalists on the Best Individual Blog Finalists page.


A huge congratulations goes out to all our winners and runners-up, and a big thank you goes out to all those who got involved in the 2013 Edublog Awards, especially to all those who voted to help us pick our winners.

We hope you all have a great year in 2014, and we look forward to seeing you all again for next year’s Edublog Awards!