Voting has been moved – apologies for the current horrible graphics, I’m working on getting them fixed. Please adjust any links you may have to the vote page (the old link will now only take you to the first category). All vote data is safe! Thanks for your patience. As you can see – you can now select only the categories you want to vote for.

Voting is now open, until December 17th.

Please vote for one entrant in every category.

If you have made the shortlist, Please feel free to celebrate your success with a blog post (and the beverage of your choice). Now you’ve been nominated, you’ll want to win your category. To help you do this I’m asking that all nominees send in a short paragraph to support your cause (if you send too much, it’ll be edited mercilessly!). Please include your name, job tile or role, institutional or organisational affiliation, your nationality and the country in which you are based. Please remember that international readers may not be familiar with your local course name/key stage – please use learners’ ages where appropriate. If appropriate, you can provide one or two links to posts you think merit investigation. These will be uploaded to the nominations post. Send your info to the awards address
Good luck!

You can also check out technorati’s account of who is posting about the awards.


4 responses to “Vote!”

  1. I don’t know if it’s too late (or impossible), but one very simple design change to the poll would be a huge improvement — allow respondents to skip a category. When everyone is forced to respond to categories they may not be familiar with, it turns into an exercise in name recognition rather than a true judgement of value.

  2. Hi Jeremy – well I tried, but unfortunately found out too late that to change this I’d have to delete all the entries to date – and there are just too many. So my apologies to anyone else that only wanted to vote for one or two categories. There is a little time till voting closes and 1 whole weekend – do try and take a look at some the fantastic blogs on the list. I promise you that what you’ll find will more than repay the time you invest!