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My blog is currently somewhat of a hodgepodge regarding educational issues. I share my experiences in the classroom, my questions as a pre-service teacher, and opinions on other educational issues.

I am a preservice teacher at a small, public university. I am currently placed in a practicum with first graders (ages 6-7), but once I graduate, I will be certified to teacher K-6 (ages 5-12). I discovered blogging in my “Teaching with Technology” class, thanks to Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach. I’m located in Virginia, US.

The CILASS student blog is kept by the 24 student ambassadors of the Centre for Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) in the Arts and Social Sciences, a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England. Each student ambassador represents a department at the University of Sheffield‘s faculties of the Arts, Social Sciences and Law – you can read more about us on the Who’s Who page. The blog is intended to spread the word of IBL among students, to inform students about the work the student ambassadors engage in, but also to provide students with the opportunity to share and discuss their own learning experiences. Only two months old, the blog is still finding its feet, judging from the shortlisting, hopefully in the right direction!! :o)

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