Alternative Award locations

Not able/wanting to join the Edublog Award Ceremony on jokaydia Island on Second Life? Why not keep track of all the action atone of our delightful alternative locations? 😉

  • EdTech Talk supremo & long time awards partner Jeff Lebow will be hosting Ustream Simulcast and text chat at EdTEch Talk – you can find the audio only listen link are there as well.
  • There will be a two spaces setup for people to meet and listen to the webcast of the event if we get too full on the Island of jokaydia:

  • Worldbridges Webcastatorium on Info Island. Special thanks to the World Bridges Team for sharing their space.
  • The Island of Terra Incognita. Special thanks to Decka Mah for sharing her space with us for the event. Visit Terra Incognita at:
  • For those of you busy doing your own thing, the tag is 07Eddies – please stick it on your awards related goodness!

Award recipients who would like to give an audio acceptance speech can either skype ‘worldbridges’ (or be skyped by worldbridges) or speak up in SL. It would be extremely helpful to know skype ID’s and avatar names ahead of time. You can email Jeff with your real name and preferred method of contact (including Skype ID or avatar name) – please do so as soon as possible!

See you all soon!

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