Nominations closed!

Nominations for the 2008 Awards are now closed and our intrepid team of judges are combing through hundreds of sites to whittle them down to a manageable number.

How / Why are they doing this?

Well, first up a list of every single nomination would be, quite simply, too big.

And secondly some sites get nominated in incorrect categories, some sites get nominated more than others, some sites get nominated by ‘mavens’ whereas some are nominated by people who we’ve never heard of (not that that excludes anything, it just means there needs to be more checking) and some nominated sites aren’t active, or don’t appear to be lively, regularly updated, widely recognized or commented on… so those and many other factors determine what makes the shortlist, apologies in advance if your site or nominated sites don’t make it.

But, and I say this having been involved heavily in this stage for 4 or the last 5 awards, the nominations this year are most definitely of a more considered and higher quality than I, personally, have ever seen before, so nice work y’all!