Best Educational Tech Support Edublog 2009

The winners of the Educational Tech Support Edublog 2009….

  1. Winner: iLearn Technology
  2. First Runner Up: Langwitches
  3. Second Runner Up: Life Feast

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the results tally!

Blogs nominated in alphabetical order!

  1. Assorted Stuff
  2. Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom
  3. Box of Tricks
  4. Creating Lifelong Learners
  5. e4Africa
  7. Human
  8. iLearn Technology
  9. Langwitches
  10. Life Feast
  11. Nik’s Learning Technology Blog
  12. Open Thinking
  13. Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog
  14. Pipweks
  15. Rapid Elearning Blog
  16. Simulações e Animações Conceptuais no Ensino da Física e da Química
  17. Sue Waters Blog
  18. Teach 42
  19. Teachers Love Smartboards
  20. The Power Of Educational Technology
  21. Thumann Resources
  22. TechTicker
  23. The Edublogger
  24. The Innovator Educator
  25. The Whiteboard Blog
  26. Using ICT in Further Education

And the results!

Voting Results for Best Ed Support Blog

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  1. […] this afternoon I caught wind from Dean Groom that I have been nominated for an Edublog Award for Best Educational Tech Support Blog and wanted to extend my humble appreciation to everyone who nominated […]

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