Best Educational Use of Video / Visual 2009

The winners of the Best Educational Use of Video / Visual 2009….

  1. Winner: Bitácora de Aníbal de la Torre
  2. First Runner Up: The Longfellow Ten
  3. Second Runner Up: Inanimate Alice

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Use of Video / Video nominated in alphabetical order!

  1. Angela Maiers
  2. Bitacora de Ánibal de la Torre
  3. Brent Coley’s Study Cast & iPod Flash Cards
  4. Common Craft Plain English Series
  5. Dan Meyer’s What Can You Do With This?
  6. Darren Elliot’s Lives of Teachers
  7. Dave Cormier’s “Presenting With Live Slides”
  8. Edit Foundry
  9. Hatak’s AP Chemistry Podcast
  10. Inanimate Alice
  11. ISTE Eduverse Talk
  12. Leon Cych’s conference recordings
  13. MediaSnackers
  14. Michael Wesch’s videos showcase
  15. Musical Blogies
  16. Rhett Allain’s Dot Physics
  17. Russell Stannard
  18. Saint Joseph Digital Express
  19. Smart History: The Blog
  20. Steve Spangler’s blog
  21. TEFLclips
  22. The Longfellow Ten
  23. Torley Linden
  24. Tom Barrett – interesting ways
  25. viz.: Visual Rhetoric — visual culture — pedagogy

And the results are!

Results of Best Educational Use of Video / Visual 2009

5 responses to “Best Educational Use of Video / Visual 2009”

  1. […] The list of bloggers and blog sites for this year’s Edublog Awards are up and open for voting. Even if you don’t have time to vote, you owe it to yourself to scan through the lists and gather up some resources. One of the projects that I helped with – The Longfellow Ten — is in the running under the use of video in education. How about a vote for stopmotion movies by our students? Go here to vote for LF10. […]

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