Best librarian / library Edublog 2009

The winners of the Best librarian / library Edublog 2009….

  1. Winner: Never Ending Search
  2. First Runner Up: Bright Ideas
  3. Second Runner Up: Library Tech Musings

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the results tally!

Blogs nominated in alphabetical order!

  1. A Fuse #8 Productions
  2. Bloggit
  3. Bright Ideas
  4. Blue Skunk
  5. Cathy Nelson’s Professional Thoughts
  6. Hey Jude
  7. LCS ES Media Blog
  8. Librarian by Day Blog
  9. Library Tech Musings
  10. Lucacept
  11. My Mind Gap
  12. Never Ending Search
  13. Not So Distant Future
  14. The Unquiet Librarian
  15. The Unquiet Library
  16. The Waki Librarian
  17. The Web Footed Book Lady
  18. Wired Librarian
  19. World’s Strongest Librarian

And the results are!

Results for Best librarian / library Edublog 2009

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