Best Group Edublog 2010

The winners of the Best Group Edublog 2010….

  1. Winner: Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning
  2. First Runner Up: The Reading Roundup
  3. Second Runner Up: The Teaching Palette

Congratulations to all winners and you can grab your winner’s badge from here!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the results tally!

Summary of nomination and voting info:

  1. 70 nominations received for Best Group Edublog 2010
  2. 24 blogs shortlisted for Best Group Edublog 2010
  3. Total number of votes was 1,173
  4. Most nominated blogs for this category were:

Blogs nominated in alphabetical order!

  1. Bridging Differences
  2. Challenge Yourself to Blog – Global collaborative student blogging project
  3. Connected Principals
  4. Cooperative Catalyst
  5. Cricket – Student group blog on updates of cricket
  6. Educational Technology & Change
  7. Edudemic
  8. Edutopia
  9. iEAR
  10. Infinitie Thinking Machine
  11. I.N.K. Interesting Non-fiction for Kids
  12. Inquire Within
  13. InterACT
  14. Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning
  15. Just Us Seeking Justice
  16. LeaderTalk
  17. Learning Round Table
  18. Libraries and Transliteracy
  19. Magic European Shores
  20. SCC English
  21. Tech & Learning
  22. TLN Teacher Voices
  23. The Reading Roundup – Collaboratoive reading project between classes
  24. The Teaching Palette

And the results are!

16 responses to “Best Group Edublog 2010”

  1. […] I am very excited and energized by my participation in Connected Principals.    I am one of about 30 principals contributing to CP, and the dynamic among the group of us is wonderfully supportive and illuminating.  I feel very good about what I have been able to contribute to CP, and I am pleased to have been able to raise my profile as a blogger by my contributions.   You can vote for Connected Principals as Best Group blog here. […]

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