Lifetime Achievement 2010

Here’s the winners for Lifetime Achievement 2010….

  1. Winner: Linda Yollis
  2. First Runner Up: Steve Hargadon
  3. Second Runner Up: Sir Ken Robinson

Congratulations to all winners.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the results tally!

You can grab your winner’s badge from here!

Summary of nomination and voting info:

  1. 67 nominations received for Lifetime Achievement 2010
  2. 30 people shortlisted for Lifetime Achievement 2010
  3. Total number of votes was 818
  4. Most nominated were:

Nominated in alphabetical order!

  1. Alan Levine
  2. Alec Couros
  3. Bernie Dodge
  4. Chris Betcher
  5. Chris Lehmann
  6. Dan Myer
  7. Danah Boyd
  8. Doug Johnson
  9. Gary Stager
  10. Gavin Dudeney
  11. Howard Rheingold
  12. Ira Socol
  13. Jane Hart
  14. cybraryman1 aka Jerry Blumengarten
  15. Joseph Pisano
  16. Joyce Valenza
  17. Karl Fisch
  18. Kevin Honeycutt
  19. Kyle Pace
  20. Larry Ferlazzo
  21. Linda Yollis
  22. Richard Byrne
  23. Scott McLeod
  24. Sean Banville
  25. Sir Ken Robinson
  26. Steve Hargadon
  27. Sue Waters
  28. Vicki Davis
  29. Wesley Fryer
  30. Will Richardson

And results are!

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