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16 responses to “Best new blog 2011”

  1. I am thrilled that Kleinspiration has been nominated for the best new blog since it is one of my favorite teaching blogs! Kleinspiration highlights technology treasures that connect traditional teaching methods to inspire today’s teachers. This unique blog is also one of the top resource and product sharing sites complete with quality giveaways. You need to hop on over and take a visit to see for yourself why this blog is the best of the best. Go Kleinspiration!

    • Thanks so much, Tamara!

      Also, thanks to everyone who nominated Kleinspiration for Best New Blog.

      I appreciate your votes.


      Erin Klein

  2. My vote goes to The Learning Spy – David Didau’s blog is thought provoking, entertaining and very well written. Inspirational stuff.

  3. Check out Love::Teaching by Laura Coughlin if you are a middle level reading teacher. She shares great lesson plans, resources, and her heart. Awesome new blog!

  4. This new blog is worth checking out. It is from the viewpoint of a new teacher with a caring and wondering attitude as she makes her way on the learning journey alongside her students. This teacher is preparing her students for the future and her child-centered approach has included the students on her team.
    This approach is part of the new paradigm of teaching and learning which should be emulated by all those charged with shaping children’s future thinking.
    Besides that, it is written in an amusing and entertaining way.

  5. Erin does an amazing job staying on top of the latest education news. She is the best!

  6. I am so honored to be nominated for Best New Blog! Thank you so much for everyone who has stopped by my blog to explore our outdoor classroom! Thank you Edublog for helping to promote visibility of fantastic educational blogs!

  7. Hi,

    Just wondering if someone can help me. I was nominated as ‘Best New Blog’ (see link)

    and now my blog does not come up in list of nominated ‘Best New Blog’. Was I suppose to accept nomination?

    Have I missed something?

    Thanks Kim

  8. Matthew’s Ruminations is one of the best education blogs out there. Glad to see him nominated for the “Best New Blog Award.”

  9. Amazing really. The Dyslexic Professor launched last semester. It was my “coming out” blog. For years I’ve tried to hide the fact that I learn differently. Best decision was to launch the blog! I have used the opportunity to share experiences as both a learner and a teacher educator. It really has become a voice to model social justice for every student. Thank you for the nomination – I’m honored!

  10. I noticed that the nomination post link for Kreative Resources doesn’t link to the nomination of Kreative Resources. What was the nomination post?

  11. I truly appreciate all the support and the nomination for best new blog – Kreative Resources has been a lot of fun to share! I hope all the votes will encourage me to continue sharing! Thanks everyone!