Best Educational Use Of Media (Audio, Video, Podcast, etc.) 2014


33 responses to “Best Educational Use Of Media (Audio, Video, Podcast, etc.) 2014”

  1. I’m honored to see the Let’s Get Busy podcast nominated. We’re all creating such different content, just being on the same list together is quite impressive.

  2. This list is awesome, honored to be on it! You’d have to be craycray not to check them all out! #bangbang #giddyup ~Keith “Hip” Hughes

  3. I have enjoyed the podcasts by Pivotal. It’s great to have learning opportunities so readily available, especially in this busy world we inhabit.

    I think they should get the top vote.

  4. Songs to Teach English is very useful. It is aiming to teach English in a very different and a creative way.

  5. Thats very creative of you, great materials which I always use, of couse I am takling about SONGS TO TEACH ENGLISH. 🙂

  6. HIP Hughes!!!! Definitely! My A.P. United States History class got the privilege of skyping him, and we all learned an incredible amount and spent the whole time having FUN. He definitely deserves this award!!

  7. Hip Hughes gets my vote… He reminds me of some of my favorite teachers… Oh so many years ago… I enjoy his content…

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