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Thousands of votes have been cast, and we’ve tallied them all up. Many thanks to all that nominated, voted, and participated in this year’s awards!

Don’t forget, you can find a full list of all nominees here.

So without further ado, here are your 2015 Edublog Award winners and top 5 vote-getters in each category…

Best Individual Blog

  1. edutech4teachers.edublogs.org
  2. okeducationtruths.wordpress.com
  3. teachingbattleground.wordpress.com
  4. theeduflaneuse.wordpress.com
  5. backyardlearning.wordpress.com

Best New Blog

  1. thisteachersings.wordpress.com
  2. backyardlearning.wordpress.com
  3. bligonsbest.blogspot.com
  4. trialsoftrailblazing.edublogs.org
  5. mrhistoire.com

Best Group Blog

  1. twowritingteachers.wordpress.com
  2. aussieed.com
  3. cougarnewsblog.com
  4. shirleys6th.edublogs.org
  5. labourteachers.org.uk

Best Class Blog

  1. 3hcrew.edublogs.org
  2. blog.elanco.org/ageimanla
  3. cougarnewsblog.com
  4. curiouslycollaborative.blogspot.com
  5. mrsjalland.primaryblogger.co.uk

Best Student Blog

  1. simplyaubree.edublogs.org
  2. ethancaba14.edublogs.org
  3. 6jacquelineg.edublogs.org
  4. blog.elanco.org/covertcjv
  5. blog.elanco.org/forre5yz

Best EdTech/Resource Blog

  1. edutech4teachers.edublogs.org
  2. mrswatersenglish.com
  3. literacyshed.com
  4. thetechspecblog.blogspot.com
  5. edutopia.org

Best Teacher Blog

  1. edutech4teachers.edublogs.org
  2. mrswatersenglish.com
  3. mathcoachscorner.com
  4. globallyconnectedlearning.net/marisag
  5. pernillesripp.com

Best Library Blog

  1. jrelibrary.edublogs.org
  2. thedaringlibrarian.com
  3. bellbulldogreaders.edublogs.org
  4. fielderlibrary.edublogs.org
  5. cabraseniorlibrary.wordpress.com

Best Administrator Blog

  1. okeducationtruths.wordpress.com
  2. viewfromtheedge.net
  3. headguruteacher.com
  4. georgecouros.ca
  5. jcastelhanothisandthat.blogspot.com

Most Influential Post

  1. Curmudgucation – Stop “Defending” Music
  2. Connected Principals – 8 Things To Look For in Today’s Classroom
  3. Crawling Out of the Classroom – What Being Gay Has Taught Me About White Privilege
  4. The Adventures of Library Girl – Learning To Read Alone Is Not Enough
  5. User Generated Education – Educators as Lead Learners

Best Tweeter

  1. ZeinaChalich
  2. alicekeeler
  3. oldandrewuk
  4. dayankee
  5. coolcatteacher


  1. Congratulations to Edublogs for running this again this year. Well done to the winners but also all those who were nominated and shortlisted.

  2. Hi
    I was wondering if we get a list where every shortlisted blog in the categories were placed and not just the top 5. Last year this happened and I know my class wanted to see if we got higher than what we were placed last year.

    • Skye b
    • Hi Skye,

      This year we decided to list the top five only – but we’ll keep your feedback and reconsider for next year as well. Thanks!

  3. What fun and what an honor! Thank you Edublog for sponsoring this and congratulations to all the talented edu-bloggers out there. Anna from Two Writing Teachers

    • Anna Gratz Cockerille
  4. Congrats winners!

    • E+S Sales
  5. Ronnie, thank you for taking the time and effort to coordinate this extensive effort each year. It is an honor to be included as a nominee in the best admin category (www.viewfromtheedge.net).

    I appreciate all the work of my fellow bloggers who seek to inform and educate the masses about the state of public education today. We are making a difference!

    • Rob Miller
  6. Congrats! How do you enter the competition?

    • erms01poe
    • Nominations for 2016 will be in November/December next year 🙂

  7. This is a great way to share the awesomeness of education around the globe. Thank you for doing this. It is an honor to be included (curiouslycollaborative.blogspot.com).

    • Don Eckert
  8. Congratulation for all participants of this year Edublog Competition. Thank you for all planners of the competition. You all did a great job which is developing the world.

    • Théophile
  9. Congrats to Mr. Geiman’s Language Arts class bloggers! Making ELANCO proud! Happy blogging!

    • Lyn Hilt
  10. thank you

    • yesefe6135

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