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Nominate your choice for best blogged paper(s)


  1. For 2004, surely the blog collection Into The Blogosphere(also using blog architecture) has to be my nomination!

    • Tama
  2. What’s a blogged paper, anyway?

    • Jill
  3. I guess it’s a publication that has either been blogged or done the rounds in the blogosphere… either way when it comes to voting I figure peoplw will make up tehir own mind.

    Good questions knocking around though… really helping in forming some ideas for this!

    Cheers, James

    • James Farmer
  4. Well, you bet I’m glad to see Educational Blogging in nomination… I will add This post from Martin Roell who inspired all of us in 2004…

    • Anonymous
  5. Sorry, I just forgot to put my id; the recent nomination was not anonymous…

  6. I second the nomination of Eyetrack III.

  7. Bridging the Gap: A Genre Analysis of Weblogs: it’s controversial, has been criticised a lot by lack of understanding of blogging culture, but provides a bit of cold shower for bloggers researching weblogs by showing our stereotypes about average weblog 🙂

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