Best newcomer (2004)

Nominate your choice for best newcomer.


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  1. From, Granada, Spain. We used ours weblog to write and to count on our life in the school. Also to know to us on our exams, homework and school-projects. Sorry about our poor english, but we are students and Spanish.

    You can visit our blog in:

  2. Chasing the Dragon’s Tale is a new discovery for me, I think his oldest post is sometome back in March 2004. I have found Paul’s insight into the Digital Divide and what that means to education to be insightful and a good resource for related research.

  3. Weblog Ciencias de la Información started on 1st Juny 2004, it's a new concept of blog, in cciiblog we write about de communication sector, since a universitary vision. We are doing interviews, debates, analysis and bibliography suggestions. The blog is in Spanish language.

  4. is the instructor’s blog in a class of 40 bloggers. All of the students are preservice teachers, and the instructor’s blog synthesizes class discussions as well as presents research and ideas related to educational technologies and technology integration issues