Best use of weblogs within teaching and learning

Nominate your choice for best use of weblogs within teaching and learning.


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  1. I’d like to nominate Jason Nolan’s KMD1002 and KMD2003 blogs and the related student blogs which you can find by clicking on “Friends”. Prof. Nolan doesn’t just create a teaching space through his teaching blogs, he also creates an interactive community learning space in which the whole class participates. And some of his students (ahem) get carried away & become scholars who blog in their own right.

    P.S. sorry screwed up the link the first time.


    With a total lack of humility, I’m nominating the weblog I use for an introductory programming course. 🙂

    There are over 400 students in the course, and three separate instructors with their own class sections and lecture notes. We’ve found the weblog to be about the simplest and fastest way to get good-looking, well-organized content onto the web.

  3. I’d actually like to nominate my own e-learning Blog as one worth a second look.
    The issues I raise are controversial to many and confrontiny to some.



  4. I want to nominate Mrs Barbara Dieu, “Bee”,from Sao Paulo, Brazil, for her set of blogs and online presentations on blogging for language teachers, in french and english, during year 2004:
    1) for a group called “Becoming a webhead” by the way of a very original e-book (from KeeBooK)”Blogging and Presence Online” :
    and the blog “Bee-coming a Webhead” :
    2) For her online presentation and worshop – in french – at Cyberlangues, France (august 2004): ;
    “Je blogue. Vous, vous bloguez?”
    3) For her online presentation and workshop at the Belarusian National Association of Teacher of English (Nov.3-5/2004) – together with Teresa Almeida d’Eça (Portugal) and Buthaina Al Othman (Kuwait) assist :
    “We blog. What about you? Do you blog?” and “Starting a blog”. See Belnate Conference (posted Nov.08)at ; .
    Recorded presentation and workshop at :

    Jean Michel Chaupart – Colombia – South America

  5. The students have in cciiblog a very good information about de problems of the comunication sector, with the interviews and debates we want to be a help.

  6. […] It’s incredible how involved I got in it: from a simple experiment in class to presentations in French and English , two (believe it or not !!!) nominations in James Farmer’s blog contest and a 6 week course next January on Using Blogs in EFL: Uses, New Developments and Challenges. […]