Go on, blow your trumpet – to make it fair!

Just a quick note to people who have been nominated for the Edublog awards, it certainly seems to be the case that people who alert their readers to their nomination(s) may well get the odd vote or two more than others…. so… I know you may be blushing about being nominated and may not be particularly keen to say ‘hey, I’ve been nominated, go vote for me!’… which I totally understand…

But, that means that everyone who does mention will probably get more votes, so please take this as an invitation / encouragement for you to publish on your weblog that you have been nominated and link to the nomination(s)… just to make things fair :o)


2 responses to “Go on, blow your trumpet – to make it fair!”

  1. Guilty as charged.

    I will say that I have a fine collection of colleagues (not competitors) in the “best individual weblog” category, and wouldn’t be at all unhappy if a sudden surge of votes put me back in last place.

  2. Hi PZ, not guilty at all :o) Amazingly I hadn’t come across your excellent blog befor this & I’m delighted that you’ve sent so much interest our way.

    Cheers, James