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Welcome to the 2007 Edublogs Awards… and yes, you may call them ‘The Eddies’.

As the awards are now in their fourth year (has it been that long?) we’ve decided that they finally deserve their own site – so bid farewell to incsub.org/awards and say hi to edublogsawards.com.

Also, we figured it was abut time we got some actual graphic design work in so check it out, we has logo:

edublog awards logo

On top of that, this year marks James returning to the fold, so the awards will be jointly convened by Josie Fraser and James Farmer, although apparently James needs some avatar help for the Second Life ceremony.

And finally, and most importantly, the nominations are now open for the 2007 awards and will remain so until the 21st November.

This year there are 20 categories – and it’s not just blogs – as well as all the old favourites (including the return of ‘best designed’) you can now nominate for categories like ‘best educational use of a wiki’ or applications of virtual worlds or audio / visual presentations (and plenty more).

So go check out the categories, send in your nominations and get ready for the voting come the 21st.

James Farmer & Josie Fraser


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  2. We are very excited that the Edublogs are coming to jokaydia! We’ll definitely have to have some avatar spa days before the event so everyone can get ready for the big event! 😉

  3. Why are these called the Eddies instead of the Edies, sir?

    • Pam
  4. Hi Pam, not a Sir but to answer the question… Eddie because of the pronounciation. Edie (see Edie Sedgwick) is pronounced Ee-Dee, where as Eddie is Ed-Ee, keeping the ed part in place.

    Feel free to pitch in if you’ve got a more interesting theory 😉

    • Josie
  5. our technician is called eddie, he’s really pleased you’ve named an award after him, like our old technician, oscar.

  6. Lol – give him our love & tell him we’ll try our hardest to make the awards more shiny that the ol’ Oscars 🙂

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