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Just to let you know that I’m adding information submitted by the finalists about their blog or project to the finalist announcement post as and when they send it in.

Sometimes it can be hard finding the information you’re looking for quickly when visiting a site for the first time, so we’ve asked all finalists to submit a brief paragraph outlining the country or countries of residence of their main contributors, the main purpose of their sites, and the age range or type of person their work focuses on. I appreciate that we’re asking for a very reductionist version of some fabulous work, but since one of the main purposes of the awards is to provide an accessible and useful resource for people looking for examples or inspiration, the more succinct the better.

To that end – huge thanks to everyone who is managing to keep their intros short and sweet!

UPDATE: A couple of people have asked why we didn’t contact them directly to let them know they’ve been nominated. The answer is of course, resource. It’s often tricky to find contact details for blogs and projects, so we rely on you, the community, to let people know they’ve been nominated (especially if it was you that nominated them!). Once they’ve mailed into the awards address we put them onto the finalist mailing list with the address they contact us with. Cheers!


  1. Hi
    I wanted to provide some information about our Youth Radio Weblog/Podcasting site (up for an award in educational audio category — thank you so much for the honor).

    The Youth Radio Project (http://youthradio.wordpress.com/) is a joint venture between teachers and students loosely connected through the National Writing Project and beyond. The project is designed to connect upper elementary students through the use of “voice” as a publishing medium with the Weblog platform providing a way for the young writers to connect with others around the world. The podcasts have ranged from full-length radio stories, to collaborative found poems from literature books, to poems for multiple voices.

    — Thanks
    Kevin Hodgson
    Technology liaison, Western Massachusetts Writing Project;
    Sixth grade teacher, Southampton, Massachusetts.

  2. Thanks Kevin! Can you send this to the awards mail address (07eddies at googlemail dot com), and include the age of your students? If you can work in ‘US’ somewhere that would be great too. Best wishes, Josie.

    • Josie
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