Now let's be fair 🙂

Update: Sigh… all votes are going to have to be deleted now and the blog you’re going for will be delisted as a nominee if you try it with another host. The idea of this isn’t that you vote 49 times from 10 different IP addresses.

We should also add that our voting system tracks your vote in ways you may not realise… so over 50 votes from one location (i.e. more than just your class) will get all those votes deleted… as will automated voting patterns… just as they’re about to be now on a few polls.

Please note that we’ve set the maximum as 50 votes from the one location (as long as it’s an institution – home internet accounts submitting that many votes are being dodgy) as that would seem a reasonable amount of support to garner from your students and peers, and also be in the spirit of things (voting being decided by quality, not quantity).

So… if there are more than 50 votes from one location they all get removed.

Any other dodgy voting behavior will also see all the votes associated with it get removed.

So be fair, an encourage your clever IT students to be too 🙂

10 responses to “Now let's be fair :)”

  1. What about those of us who just asked the people in your local network to vote for them?
    My school network has a single IP address, and I asked a bunch of my more intelligent peers who read my blog to vote for me. It will appear as a single person but in effect is multiple people voting from the same LAN.

    Since this is an education award… shouldn’t we be sensetive to school systems?

    (Of course, just noticed that you didn’t cut off my votes… guess you understand :))

  2. Please see the extra detail now in the post.

    We’ve had to wipe hundreds and hundreds of votes already!

  3. Ah.. much fairer. Thanks for clarifying!

    It is unfortunate that some would feel the need to cheat in order to win an award… even with no cash incentive. (They must be good teachers though, if their IT students are that dedicated to make a program. :))

  4. I wouldn’t call it cheating – I’d most likely do the same 🙂 This is just to keep things fair and in a decent spirit.

  5. touché

    I agree, it’s fine to be “innovative” but it’s still important to keep things fair, and judge edublogs based upon actually blogging skill rather than computer skill.

  6. If that institution only uses the one IP address then a limit of 50 votes from that IP shouldn’t be too much of an issue (as it shouldn’t be too much of a big institution)… if you can think of a fairer way to handle mass voting I’m all ears.

  7. I am incredibly abashed if it is my students causing this problem. sounds like my area. I don’t understand what you mean by they are voting with different ip addresses. They would all be voting from their homes (not an institution). I don’t know any of them to be that computer savvy to be hacking the system in any way.

    I’ve posted a notice on our blog for them to stop voting immediately. I certainly want things to be fair and am again quite disturbed if it is my students causing this problem. We’ve worked too hard on our blog for it to be tainted with a negative image. Please inform me if there is anything else I can do to remedy the situation. We really are greatly honored (maybe too much so) to be nominated.

  8. Keep up, keep up…

    This post is deprecated, I think, err, maybe till there’s another one…

    “Another day of people deleting cookies and voting hundreds (in one case thousands!) of times has led to us having to limit all polls to one vote per IP.

    Unfortunately this means that if you are on a network – as many schools are – which shares an IP address, then you don’t get to vote (if someone else has) until you get home onto your own net connection.”