And the 2008 winners are….

The winners of the 2008 Eddies are….

1. Best individual blog

The English Blog

2. Best group blog

SCC English

3. Best new blog

Angela Maiers

4. Best resource sharing blog

Free Technology for Teachers

5. Most influential blog post

Order for Closure

6. Best teacher blog

The Cool Cat Teacher

7. Best librarian / library blog

Hey Jude

8. Best educational tech support blog

Teachers love Smartboards

9. Best elearning / corporate education blog

eLearning Technology

10. Best educational use of audio

Ed Tech Talk

11. Best educational use of video / visual

Steve Spangler blog

12. Best educational wiki

Flat Classroom Project 2008

13. Best educational use of a social networking service

Classroom 2.0

14. Best educational use of a virtual world

Discovery Education Second Life

15. Best class blog

Extreme Biology

16. Lifetime achievement

David Warlick

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35 responses to “And the 2008 winners are….”

  1. Best Class Blog badge? Thank you 😉 I can’t wait to post it and let my students know they’ve won. They will be SO thrilled!

  2. Congratulations to all the winners and runner ups in the 2008 Edublog awards.

    Any chance in future for a student award as they don’t have the PLN that adult bloggers have? Even under primary/elementary, middle, high and senior high school. Remember these are the bloggers of the future we should be helping to grow.

  3. Thank you so much for running and managing these awards. I wish I could have listened yesterday but was on an 8 hour car ride. Being nominated is a HUGE honor in itself. It is so exciting to also win, thank you for managing these awards!

  4. I concur 100% with Vicki. Thank you so much for organizing and making the awards happen. It sounds cliche, but it really was and amazing honor to be nominated and a part of this wonderful conversation.

    I found many new blogs that I have added to my reader. I look forward to learning from them.
    Thank you again for the work you do-now and year round! what an wonderful community to be a member of!

  5. Congratulations to the Winners! Congratulations to the nominated, among which I’m honored to be.
    And thank you to all the encouragement and support to go through this thrilling experience!
    I agree with Miss W in that we must conceive a special student award. Yes, they are the bloggers of the future and must count on us to grow.

  6. Thanks for organizing an exciting and professional event where bloggers were able to hob nob in second life, chat on skype and appreciate the hard work, passion and vision shared by many others! I can say that it has again inspired me to read more blogs, rather than just blog away in my own bubble!
    Thanks 🙂

  7. Shucks. I just went to review the winners, and many of them do not offer a subscription for my reader for their comments. I found their rss feeds, but not their comments’ feeds. Not all of them though–Judy Oconnell, Al Upton, Vicki Davis, Steve Hargadon (through the Classroom 2.0 rss) , and David Warlick–all provide the desired comment feed. Thanks. How disappointing to know that many for the winners this year are not offering both feeds. Of the 16 categories, only 2 get excused in my book because the nature of their work (a wiki or an audio) don’t offer comments feeds. But of the the remaining 14, I don’t think the 9 lacking that feed will not stay in my reader long. Tsk, tsk. I like to read “both” sides of the conversation. And I like to use the nominees and the winners to “weed” my feeds, and possibly add new voices. It is NOT surprising to me that the ones listed above that do offer a comment feed were already in my reader.

  8. Cathy, I’m confused, do you mean that they don’t offer a comment feed to this site or on their own sites? Maybe like me, they’re not sure how to do certain things yet and you could explain it here?
    Cheers, Anita 🙂

  9. @Anita–sorry for confusion. I want the blogs that I subscribe to offer a feed for their posts and comments. An example (aside from my own) is someone like super bloggers Will Richardson over at “Weblogg-ed,” Sue waters over at “The Edublogger,” or even Lifetime achievement winner David Warlick over at “Two Cents Worth.” In my own (wordpress platform) blog it is a matter of posting the meta data as a widget on the side bar. This is also the same for the Edublogs platform. I believe it is a similar task in the Google Blogger platform as well. I hate that I come across so critical, but it is a personal pet-peeve of my own. Hopefully this response will help those who currently do not offer it and don’t know how to rectify it.

  10. I guess I’m a little late to the party but thank you for managing these awards. I consider it a priviledge to have been nominated for two years in a row.

    I’d also like to congratulate Richard Byrne on his continued and well deserved acclaim for his site. If you haven’t checked it out, you really need to!

    Jeff Bailey
    Wicked Decent Learning Podcast