Keeping up with all of the nominations

It has been almost a week since we went live with this year’s Edublog Awards. In that time we have had hundreds of nominations roll in!

It is fun to keep up with them as they come in, and we thought you might enjoy a few tools that will help you discover them as well.

This widget comprises twitter search and rss feeds which regularly update with Edublog Award buzz from around the web.

Have we seen your nomination post here?

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Something we will be doing a bit differently this year is that at the end of the awards ceremony, we will publish a spreadsheet with all of the nominations including links to the nominating posts. We will also feature some of the comments bloggers are making when publishing their nomination posts.

This means that if you haven’t yet made a nomination, you might want to try and include a sentence or two detailing why when you do. We hope that sharing this information will make the awards process more rewarding and useful for all.

Happy nominating!

Here are the rss feeds we used in creating the widget in case you want to subscribe to them in your favorite news reader. 🙂


8 responses to “Keeping up with all of the nominations”

  1. Cool beans! Thank you so much for this widget! (though I tried to get the embed code – it just spun & spun for me…Mac issue?) Question: if we have already written our nomination posts but didn’t elaborate with a sentence or two why that educator is note and nom worthy …can we go back and add that or is it too late? Thanks!

  2. A bit puzzeled as to where an actual vote may be cast this year, last year it was plain in sight, this year those that want to nominate me can’t find where, to tell the truth, I can’t help them, as I can see where it is cast either.

    Please help so they can vote for my site/s.