Last Call! Nominations Will Close Friday – 11:59pm EST

Just a quick note to say that nominations won’t be accepted after 11:59pm EST tomorrow (Friday the 2nd)!

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Make sure to get any final nominations in before the countdown makes it to zero!

Just for a sneak peek, this is by far the most nominations submitted ever.

Sometime over the weekend we will announce the shotlisted nominees and open voting at that time.

One thing we’ve been noticing, which we are extremely excited about, is the natural progression of nominees rolling in that have a specific specialty or are from a particular area. For example, ESL educators nominating fellow ESL colleagues, or speech pathologists doing the same for those in their field. It hasn’t been as obvious in years past, which really goes to show that as a community of educators, we are really starting to build our PLNs around those that match closely to what we do. This is only possible because the sheer numbers of those blogging and interacting on twitter, for example, are growing exponentially.

How wonderful that we can now collaborate with and learn from others around the globe just as easy as we can with the teacher next door!

Get those nominations in and check back over the weekend to get your vote on!


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