Check out the Complete 2011 Edublog Awards Nominations shortlist

The most important part of the Awards process for us is creating a list of resources that will help educators!

This year we’re trying an alternative option for sharing the lists by embedding a Google Doc (or you can check it out as a web page here)!

We’re still working on the information about the hashtags and web tools.  But it is quite time consuming. Please leave a comment if you have some information we can add!  Once completed we’ll be converting it into a PDF.

Hope you like and it helps!

Just click on the category name at the bottom of the spreadsheet to check out all short listed nominations in that category.


12 responses to “Check out the Complete 2011 Edublog Awards Nominations shortlist”

    • Hi David,

      Sorry for using his Twitter ID but that was the link you had included in your nomination post.

      I’ve now fixed it on our spreadsheet. I’ll get Ronnie to make the change on the nomination page.

  1. Hi Sue
    So thrilled to see our class blog on the short list of nominations, however, is it possible to add ‘Kids with a View’ to our blog title as that is the blog title we always use.
    Thanks heaps

    • Hi Keith, I’m sorry but some categories were highly competitive with close to 150 nominations. This meant that not everyone who was nominated made it through to voting stage on the short list nominations.

  2. I am super pumped that our site – – was nominated for Best Group Blog! It’s listed as “Learning Notes” on the Google Doc and the voting page. That is a typo – it’s LEADING, not learning. While we definitely hope people learn a lot at our site, we’re also very proud of the nerdy musical pun implied in the title. Can this be fixed? Thanks so much!