How to Make Your Nominations Count!

With 10 days left to nominate your favorite blogs, websites and people here are some tips to help your nominations count!

Here’s how we process your nominations

Each day we work through your emails to sort your nominations into lists for each category using a Google Spreadsheet so when nominations close we’re ready to start the voting stage.

At this stage most nominations are transferred onto the lists except for those that:

Once nominations close we comb through the lists to confirm all nominations fit their category and finalize the shortlisting.

Nominating is really easy!

There is 19 different categories this year.

You can nominate your favorite for all category or just pick and choose which categories you want to nominate in …… but you can only nominate one favorite per category.

Check out these nomination posts for ideas on the different ways you can write your nomination post:

  1. David Hopkin’s nomination post
  2. Jayden’s nomination post
  3. Larry Ferlazzo’s nomination post
  4. Pernille Ripp’s Nomination post
  5. Scott Newcomb’s nomination post

Below are tips to make your nominations count

Tip # 1

You can’t nominate your own blog or website…especially in lots of categories….doesn’t work that way :)

Tip # 2

If category says it is a blog then it means a blog not a Ning, not a Wiki or other.

There are other categories for them such as:

  • Best Educational Wiki
  • Best use of a social networking service
  • Best use of a PLN

A ning isn’t a group blog :)

Tip # 3

The nomination process is a two step process–miss one of the steps and your nominations don’t count!

The two step are:

  1. Write a post on your blog linking to the blogs & sites that you want to nominate
  2. Email us the link to your nomination post (submitted via our nomination form)

If you’re nominated by someone you might want to check they remembered to send the link to their blog post via our nomination form!

And to make sure it is uber clear!

  • You can’t just email us links to blogs & sites you want to nominate — you must write a nomination post on a blog or website such as a Ning or Wiki
  • Your nomination post must be on a website where we can view your nominations — last time I checked we can’t see behind locked private sites :)
  • You must email us the link to your nomination post using our nomination form

Tip # 4

For the latest up-to-date news on the Edublog Awards:

1. Follow edublogs on Twitter
2. Subscribe to the Edublog Award blog via our RSS Feed or email (add your email address to the email subscription widget in the top right sidebar)
3.  Like Edublogs on Facebook

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    • We’re processed your nomination. Yes it is one nomination per category. We have to have this restriction due to the number of nomination posts we process. Thanks for participating! The nomination process it a great way of us all learning of new resources.